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Women Against Dairy Protest - Brisbane Ice Cream Festival 2021

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

We are the Women Against Dairy and we are here today at the Brisbane Ice Cream Festival to draw attention to the realities of the Dairy Industry and to help dispel the myth that the Dairy Industry is victimless.

Cows must give birth before producing milk .

But where are all the newborn calves and where do they go?

In Australia between 400,00 - 700,000 calves are slaughtered each year . They are either transported to slaughterhouses at just 5 days of age or killed at birth by a hammer to the head . Newborn calves considered nothing but disposable wastage , viewed only as the means to the end desired product - MILK !

Their gentle mothers fare no better as they are forcibly impregnated yearly from the age of 18 months . And with each and every calf taken from them , they are denied their natural, maternal instincts to nourish and bond with their babies.

Instead they are reduced to ongoing milk producing machines for another species - HUMANS.

Within 5 - 6 years the constant pregnancies and continual lactation deplete their capability to produce the quantity and quality of milk necessary to be considered profitable . This is when they too are sent to slaughter , at a fraction of the natural life span for cows of 20- 25 yrs .

All women and all caring people should be outraged at this exploitation of the female mammals reproductive system and ability of lactation.

If you share our outrage , please follow Women Against Dairy by C2CAF Facebook page .

Thank you to @Sara Kate from @5kphotography and @Heather Harrington for being our official photographers on the day.


Watch Dairy is Scary Australia on YouTube and see the full story behind a scoop of ice cream


Join the Women Against Dairy and stand with the millions of mothers who have their children stolen so humans can drink their babies milk.

Become a member at Coast to Coast Animal Friends and support their ongoing commitment to stopping animal abuse in Australia.

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