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Image by Sam Carter


** Let's create the largest Animal Rights Action group in Australia to create change for animals! **


Utilising the power of the written word we will write letters, oppose submissions and take a stand for the animals directly from our keyboards.


Letter writing is easy - quick - and with hundreds and thousands of letters create more pressure for animal exploiters to change.  All you need is a passion to create change and a desire for a more just world for all animals.

You do not need to write a letter each week, but we'd love it if you do! Come here and support the campaigns when you have time.

We will support current campaigns by animal advocacy groups and also create our own campaigns.
1. See the PINNED post on this group for the weekly campaign.
2. See the SUGGESTION post in the files to add an issue/ campaign you would like us to support, or you can email
3. For letter-writing tips - see the letter-writing tips in the files.
3. Please do not add other memes, posts or issues. Add animal issues to the suggestion post. This group is to only focus on writing letters.
4. Emails, postal addresses, and phone numbers will be included in posts, so you can send a physical letter if you wish and follow up with a call if you wish. We may repeat letter writing on the same topic to keep the pressure up on an issue.

5. don't miss letter-writing campaigns: If you would like to receive the 'Letter a week' topic in your email inbox each week - please send your email details to

6. To follow Coast to Coast Animal Friends on Facebook -

7. Coast to Coast website -

8. Coast to Coast is based in SE Qld, with branches in Nth Qld and Mid-North Coast NSW, but we are keen to work with any person or group that wants to help any animals, from wildlife, farm animals, and companion animals. We focus on Australian animals, but we will also support overseas campaigns. Please contact us so we can work together. Together we can do more.

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