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Fur production is up 70% and fur is creeping into our shops in all kinds of trims and trinkets.

Join us and take action everywhere and anywhere you spot fur! Make a stand and object to these products being sold in our shopping centres.

In China more than 2 million cats and dogs and 1 billion rabbits are killed each year. The methods of slaughter are truly horrific. They are bludgeoned, hung and bled, and electrocuted genitally and anally. Many are skinned alive with the animals experiencing a slow, torturous death. Their skin is ripped from their bodies and, with eyes still blinking and their breathing in ragged gasps, they are then thrown onto piles of bodies of other animals that are then used as feed for the remaining animals.

This is totally abhorrent and not acceptable in our society.

In 2004 the Commonwealth government put in place an import ban on dog and cat fur. Under regulation 4W of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 (Cth), the importation into Australia of cat or dog fur is prohibited unless the importer is authorised by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. However, the use of cat or dog fur is not expressly banned within Australia.


An application may be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a review of a decision made by the Minister or an authorised person.

Very often the labelling of these items is quite often false. We are against the use of ALL fur whatever the purpose, not only because of the horrific cruelty involved but because it is also environmentally unfriendly with the harmful chemicals used in production leaching into waterways.

* *Visit the Centre Manager – make an official complaint and hand them a letter 
* *Send a letter of objection to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection..…/Banontheimportat…/index.htm…
** Speak to the store owners about the horrors of the fur industry.
** Hand out leaflets – contact us for copies
(The letter templates are also in event posts)

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