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STOP the slaughter! End the "harvesting" of our native Kangaroos

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

STOP the Slaughter!

The Iconic Kangaroo is the most globally recognised wildlife species on the planet. They are a government protected native animal, but Australian shooters are paid an average of $30 a skin as part of the governments commercial harvesting practice.

Night after night mothers and fathers are gunned down, while their joeys are left behind. Either abandoned to die a slow painful death or bludgeoned against a truck bumper, the government approved method of slaughter!

The Australian Government should hang their heads in shame at the treatment of our National Icon. What a disgrace to treat both the animal that represents our country, and stands on our coat of arms, as nothing more than a pest or commercial product.

  • Kangaroo meat is exported to approximately 60 countries.

  • Their flesh canned into dog food or sold in high end butchers as a gourmet steak.

  • Their skins turned into Car Upholstery, Military Boots, Soccer Balls & Boots.

  • Their fur transformed into bags, slippers and trinkets for tourist souvenirs.

  • Each year approximately 2 Million Kangaroos are Slaughtered just for Sports Shoes!

It is unknown the final number of kangaroos shot each year. Both State & Federal Environmental and Conservation departments are unable to record exact figures of those who are shot yet still escape due to the independent nature of the government sanctioned hunters being hired to carry out the slaughter.

The state of California put a ban in place in 2016 which prohibits the sale of any kangaroo product and US activists are working hard to enforce this in other states.



Don't support companies that use or sell Kangaroo flesh, skin, fur or body parts.

These include butchers, dog food products, fashion items, sporting goods or tourist souvenirs.

Become informed. Watch the movie Kangaroo - A Love Hate Story at

Be Active on social media. Follow @WorldKangarooDayOct24

Share stories, petitions and posts with your friends so they can be informed as well.

Send a Letter to the Environment & Conservation Minister.

Contact Coles & Woolworths & tell them to stop selling Kangaroo Body Parts as dog treats!

phone: 1800 061 562.

phone: 1300 767 969

Say No to the proposed Kangaroo Processing Plant at Inglewood Victoria.

Petition your local MP to end Kangaroo Harvesting.

Educate yourself by learning more at the following websites:

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