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C2CAF is dedicated to helping non-animals by spreading awareness and education with our animal action stalls.

We inform human animals about the on-going abuse to which we subject millions of other animals every day. We work to encourage change and we know this is effective and that our objectives are working.

How to Achieve Outreach?

Regularly attend and support outreach stalls. Simply turning up and being present, confident and knowing that you’re on the right side ethically, knowing you can make, and are making, a difference just by being present, will encourage people to listen. Be committed.

Be Polite and Respectful ~ Remember how important it is to be polite and considerate with everyone you meet. Being likable is a key step towards anyone embracing your message. Regardless of your personal philosophy, it is important that, when speaking with the public and while representing C2CAF, you are a reflection of our organisation’s philosophy. Whilst leading a cruelty-free lifestyle is the ultimate choice that one can make on behalf of animals, many people need to reach this by travelling their own road. We believe that every step that an individual can make to improve the lives of animals should be encouraged and applauded.

Freedom of Passion Believe in what you are doing. Be motivating and inspiring. Make your voice count. Inspire others to be present for animals.

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PEACE FOR ALL CREATURES.. Apex Park, on the beach at BYRON BAY.. 9th August 2015.


All materials given out will help towards getting the message across. Planting seeds towards change is productive. There are many different beliefs and perspectives out there in the community. If we don’t present ours, how will others come to acknowledge the view or outlook from the animals’ side of things?

Interaction Your credibility will be rewarded if you just listen and then identify. No matter what your personal opinion is, show that you understand where an individual is coming from. Do not judge but offer solid information and ask them thought-provoking questions. Don’t argue. Always be polite. Congratulate them on the steps that they have made. Not everyone connects overnight.

When speaking to the public, care and diligence should be taken to make sure the information communicated is accurate and appropriate. If you’re going to hand out leaflets, make sure you have read them first. (This may sound obvious but it’s vital!) You do not have to know everything. If you are unsure of anything, there are many websites to which you can refer.

Merchandising Marketing merchandise helps organisation to carry on with their work of investigation, campaigns, rescuing and rehabilitation, as well as keeping the brands and logos alive in the public eye. C2FCAF promotes Animals Australia, Animal Aid Abroad, BARC, Soi Dogs, and ALQ and we believe in flying the flag for these organisations at markets, shopping centres and events.

We believe in the moral kinship of all animals and declare our commitment to help all sentient creatures. We call for advocates for their protection. Don’t sit down – join the team to help motivate others. Outreach is a very important part of helping spread the word. There are many things you can do as a compassionate animal advocate to help end their suffering. Lend your talents and skills to help with the running of the movement.

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