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UNITY for ANIMAL RIGHTS: Vegan Outreach Rally 2018

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Coast to Coast Animal Friends thank all those who, like us, believe we need to come together and stand in Unity to be seen and heard as a collective movement in the streets!

We thank all who participated in Today’s Awesome Unity Rally!

It truly was an incredibly inspiring celebration for all beings, and for those that fight for them.

We hope everyone one is feeling elated and motivated to keep fighting in Unity for Liberation.

Together we can do more!


Animal Exploitation is prevalent in our consumer based society, from greyhound racing, to rabbit fur hats, dolphin entertainment and the worse injustice of them all, factory farming. Watch Dominion and begin saying NOto these industries and take the first steps in living a cruelty free life at


Join Coast to Coast Animal Friends on Facebook and share our photos from the action.

Become a member at Coast to Coast Animal Friends and support their ongoing commitment to stopping animal abuse in Australia.

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