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Nike "Kangaroo are not Shoes!" Protest Brisbane City

Global event -Brisbane Leg of The Stop Nike Kangaroo Massacre ..

Calling for a boycott of Nike …Standing for our beloved Kangaroos -They are struggling due to Commercial & Non commercial shooting, Habitat loss, Fires, Droughts, Floods and Apathy! -Every night parents are shots and their Joey’s are bludgeoned to death! -Their flesh is canned into Dog food or exported for the plate! -Their skins are processed into Sports Shoes, Boots and balls ! Not good enough for our national icon! If you care about the plight of our Kangaroos please keep up the pressure support Animal Rights! Together we can do more!


Animal Exploitation is prevalent in our consumer based society, from greyhound racing, to rabbit fur hats, dolphin entertainment and the worse injustice of them all, factory farming. Watch Dominion and begin saying NO to these industries and take the first steps in living a cruelty free life.


Join Coast to Coast Animal Friends on Facebook and share our photos from the action.

Become a member at Coast to Coast Animal Friends and support their ongoing commitment to stopping animal abuse in Australia.

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