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MAGIC MILLIONS - Pink Protesters Disruption - 2021

RACE Day - 16.1.2021

C2CAF Pink Protesters rallied and disrupted The Classic at the Magic Millions horse racing event on the Gold Coast where 2 year old horses were forced to race against their will.

In Australia it is legal to slaughter horses. Multiple undercover investigations have exposed the racing industry time and time again with evidence that horses who won their "owners" hundreds of thousands of dollars end up with a bolt gun to the head on the slaughter house floor.

When you pay to enter these events and even bet on a horse you are directly propping up an industry that abuses animals for money and "entertainment".

During this protest activists remained peaceful as patrons threw beer at us and reached out to tear down our signs showing the truth. We will continue to disrupt these events to shine a spotlight on what the industry is trying to hide from the public.

There are other ways to have fun; dress up and be with Friends without someone's life being taken from them.

Undercover Investigations have exposed that:

~ 116 horses killed on track for a number of reasons most commonly for catastrophic front limb injury (59)

~ On average one horse will die on Australian racetracks every 3 days

~ 10 horses died from cardiac causes

~ 9 horses died from bleeds

~ The state with the highest recorded deaths was NSW (43) followed by VIC (31) and QLD (25)

~45 of the horses that were killed had been raced as a 2-year-old

~ 9 horses were only 2-years-old when they died on track

~ 5 horses are still listed as ‘active’ on the Racing Australia website at the time of writing, even though some have been dead for almost a year

Together we can do more!


Animal Exploitation is prevalent in our consumer based society, from greyhound racing, to rabbit fur hats, dolphin entertainment and the worse injustice of them all, factory farming. Watch Dominion and begin saying NO to these industries and take the first steps in living a cruelty free life.


Join Coast to Coast Animal Friends on Facebook and share our photos from the action.

Become a member at Coast to Coast Animal Friends and support their ongoing commitment to stopping animal abuse in Australia.

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