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BAN GAS CHAMBERS : National week of actions

NATIONAL WEEK of Actions @BanGasChambers

Live Gently

Farm Transparency Project

Swickers Bacon Factory QLD

Supporting a vigil and memorial for the millions of pigs gassed here!

4,500 gentle pigs are brutally gassed in carbon Dioxide chambers every day inside this one facility !

📢C2CAF Joined Activists to shed light on the immense suffering forced upon pigs in gas chambers and to call on the Federal Minister for Agriculture, #MurrayWatt to initiate a national inquiry into the use of gas chambers and to close all facilities using this method until a thorough investigation is complete.

🔻This action is a part of the Farm Transparency Project National Weekend of Action.

🔴This horrific barbaric treatment of pigs must stop. Over 85% of pigs in Australia are Killed via this abhorrent method.

Farm Transparency Projects undercover footage exposed the indescribable agony each and every pig suffers, thrashing and screaming as desperately try to escape ,even snapping off their own legs!

This is inhumane!

BAN GASSING National Week of Actions-

📷Carol Rose

📷Vicki Hunter

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